High Quality TPE Brand Sex Doll 6YE Doll

Gksexdoll is the official authorized seller of 6ye Doll brand. Gksexdoll has maintained a long-term close cooperative relationship with 6ye Doll brand.

6YE Premium or 6YE Dolls is a fairly well-known brand launched in China in 2013 for its realistic dolls with beautiful western faces, realistic bodies and high-quality materials. 6Ye Premium has a new tab called Amor Doll. The Amor line features anatomically correct vaginal placement that many other doll brands lack. Only available in premium dolls from this series. Meanwhile, their other dolls are still very attractive.

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What is 6YE Premium Doll

6Ye Premium Dolls is one of the pioneers in using TPE to produce high quality sex dolls. 6Ye Premium dolls are known for their high quality, but at an affordable price

Premium sexy 6YE dolls are so realistic that they can be moved at different angles, especially for sexual purposes. 6YE sex dolls feature: realistic labia, areola and anus, realistic ball jointed skeleton – moves like a human, durable and high quality skin texture. All sex dolls below are complete. 6YE Love Doll looks just like her photos, including makeup and hair! Please select an option based on your preference when making payment.

These sex dolls are 6ye brand sex dolls, our company sells many brands of real dolls, high quality 6ye doll sex dolls is one of them, we will never sell bad brands of love dolls. Our company has been operating in this field for more than 10 years. We guarantee that our 6ye dolls are of high quality and reasonably priced. We look forward to advising you.