Sex dolls of 45-50kg (99.2-110.2lbs) are at a medium level in terms of weight. They have both a realistic experience and good controllability, which gives them a unique advantage among competing products.

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The 45-50kg (99.2-110.2lbs) sex doll has the perfect balance of realism and controllability.

First, sex dolls in this weight range excel in terms of realism. Their weight is just right and they can simulate the weight and texture of the real human body, giving users a more realistic and realistic experience when using them. Whether touching, hugging or kissing, these dolls can give users the feeling of being close to a real person, increasing the immersion and satisfaction of the sexual experience.

Secondly, these sex dolls also have excellent performance in terms of maneuverability. Despite their mid-range weight, the designers have made the dolls with the user’s needs in mind, ensuring that all parts of the doll can be flexibly moved and adjusted. This means that users can easily change the posture and position of the doll to create a variety of different sex scenes to meet personalized needs and increase the fun and playability of the doll.

Overall, the 45-50kg (99.2-110.2 lbs) sex doll strikes a perfect balance between realism and maneuverability, making it one of the most popular products on competing websites. They can not only provide a realistic sex experience, but also meet users’ needs for control and personalization, bringing users a richer and more satisfying sex