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With the development of society and the expansion of the application fields of robot dolls, people’s demand for intelligent robots is increasing. As a highly specialized technology, intelligent robots are almost always created by artificial intelligence. High-quality robotic silicone female sex dolls are becoming more and more important in today’s society. More and more fields and positions require the participation of intelligent robots, making research on advanced sex dolls more and more common.

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Premium High Quality Sex Doll Black TPE Sex Doll

AI – Tech Dolls can respond to external touch and remember the characteristics of the people they interact with. In addition, robotic sex dolls can speak multiple languages and imitate female orgasms during sex more frequently than real women. The real doll robot remembers the people she interacts with and she is friendly to customers. Men can do anything with a sex doll without consent from a sex robot sex doll, and the experience will be better than a real person. Sex robots have no consciousness or other intentions, so many people with social phobia prefer them.

In a documentary called “The Sex Shop: Me and My Sex Doll” aired on Britain’s Channel 5, Chris, an identified sex doll enthusiast, said that although after his death his money will be donated to real dolls , but he refused to bury her with him. “I can’t bury her with me. It would be like burying your sister with you. It would be like killing her,” he said. As the love doll industry produces more and more realistic creations that seem to capture the emotions of men around the world. An enthusiastic sex doll owner recently revealed that all of his estate will be transferred to his “doll” upon his death. collect “.

Previously, neuroscientist and relationship coach Bobbi Banks suggested that sexual and romantic relationships between humans and high-end robots could become commonplace by 2050. Additionally, last month, doll collector Brick Dollbanger claimed that the newly upgraded love doll’s high-speed synchronization and excellent 5G mobile Internet access for voice and animation can actually make the sexy robot come to life and be almost impossible to ignore.