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FJ Doll create a feeling of luxury and majesty with their high quality makeup and user-friendly design. With rich skin texture details and soft gel chest padding, built-in EVO skeleton and handcrafted by skilled artists, observe realistic facial expressions and see these high quality love dolls.

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life size body curves

FJ DOLL attaches great importance to the body proportions of each customized sex doll, especially the curves of the abdomen, waist and back of adult dolls. Lifelike body lines are the most important factor in the realism of adult dolls, and are also one of the most difficult craftsmanship for real dolls. In addition to the purpose of a sex doll, subtle changes in muscles and bones need to be shown in the proportions of the curves to customize a realistic, craft-level adult doll.

Exquisite silicone head

FJ DOLL focuses on the sculpture of beautiful sex doll heads, and its current head and face designs have been well received. FJ DOLL’s head sculpt style is the most popular among Asian women and online influencers. It references popular female faces in Asia and customizes everyone’s favorite love doll based on the features that most sex doll lovers prefer. The FJ doll is not only exquisitely sculpted, but also has four layers of makeup to give the real doll a more realistic appearance.

Hyper-realistic body painting

Body painting technology is the most important part of the adult sex doll customization process. FJ DOLL’s veins and blood vessels are clearly visible under the skin. Realistic body painting enhances the love doll’s resemblance to the real person. FJ DOLL is spray-painted through multiple layers to present features such as human skin, pores, blood vessels, and achieve realistic blood color. These sex dolls are perfect for turning your wild dreams into reality.