Freckle Face Sex Doll

Finding your favorite Freckle Face Sex Doll from this list, they all with most realistic details and perfect touch feel, no doubts they will be your new happiness source!

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Freckle Face Sex Doll Real Details

Freckles mainly refer to the features on doll’s face, which are very easy to identify. They are under the eyes and on the sides of the nose. Freckles on girls face usually looks very cute and at the same time make doll’s face look more real instead of fake pure white skin.

Freckles are generally caused by the exposure of the skin to ultraviolet light from the sun, which forms melanin and causes chloasma, making the freckles deepen in color. Freckles are also a type of pigmentation, and they are a very common skin feature on the faces of many white girls.

In this Freckle Face Sex Doll Series, this 160cm A-cup small boobs sex doll is particularly hot, her face makeup overall brown tone, brown eyes and face brown freckles form a very perfect match, her small lips tightly closed, exuding a mesmerizing style.

Give your girl that cute sun-kissed look with natural looking freckles sprinkled over her face. The freckles are concentrated in the areas where the sun naturally hits the most; the nose, cheeks and forehead.

Freckles are one of the many customization options available to you when customizing your doll.

NOTE: Freckles are Semi-permanent. All body painting, body makeup and face makeup is semi-permanent and will fade over time with use and cleaning. Mineral Oil or Makeup remover will remove any makeup immediately, so please keep those products away from your doll and only wash with a gentle TPE approved cleanser.